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Newcastle Australien



For Everyone


  • We believe that beyond health, financial freedom is the grounding brick for happiness.

  • Creating a way for everyone even if you have nothing to invest


Get to Know Us

We've been on all sides of the investment table, as customers, and investment managers, advising thousands of investors, building platforms, and what we really wanted was some true alignment and a way for everybody to achieve financial freedom.

  • Investing $5,000 a year in the S&P500 with 7% annual return would $70,000 a year after 40 years.

  • Investing the same in a perfectly uncorrelated portfolio could give you 5x the returns with the same risk. That means $70,000 a year in less than 9 years

Financial Freedom

We consider financial freedom the moment when your investments can pay for your life, and you no longer have to work to pay your bills. This is when you will have the freedom to pursue your dreams, travel the world, or simply don't have to worry about your financial situation

Nothing to invest?

We have experienced really rough times ourselves, no job, struggling to make ends meet, you name it. So we understand that $5,000 to invest or even a few hundred dollars can seem impossible...  

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