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Help others and get rewarded

Referral Program

Passive income

20% on all user revenue, that means every time they swipe their card, invest, open the app, subscribe, post, etc.


Remix our content or create your own and share it across all social media with your referral link


Start learning from other NVSTx users inside the app and get paid 40% of the
ad-revenue generated

Tell your friends about this opportunity and we'll share the revenue with you



Allow others to copy you and earn additional gains from the same work and help others


Share your knowledge, research, insights and hard work with others and get paid


Create free educational content for NVSTx users and get paid 50% of the ad-revenue

Monetize your expertise by helping others

Give and Earn

Share your link and give your friends a surprise worth $5-$5,000 when signing up and either:
1. Copies experts for a minimum of $5k or
2. Spends at least 30 hours learning through the feed within the first month. 

You'll earn 20% of all revenue generated from your referrals in perpetuity.

So for a little work today you could potentially be paid every month for the rest of your life.



Yearly Passive Income


This is an estimate and not a guarantee. The compensation varies greatly depending on the user size, activity, engagement, etc.

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